Monthly Archives: March 2014

LDSMM 006: The One Exercise Every Missionary Should Do Before and After a Mission

Today we discuss a 4-step process to help you make the most of all the lessons you have learned in your life.

  1. List some of the turning points, major events, wins, and losses you have had.
  2. Tell the story and write it down. You should end up with some takeaways.
  3. Search, ponder, and pray over the experience. What else can you see as you look back at what you went through? What principles from the scriptures or Articles of Faith can you tie in?
  4. Use the lessons learned to bless lives, both others and your own. See what trends you can find in your life. How can knowing these things help you now and in what is coming at you in the next 3 months of your life?

LDSMM 005: 9 Strategies For Overcoming Homesickness

In this episode we discuss some tips for overcoming homesickness.

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  • Keep Perspective!
  • Concentrate on today.
  • Parent’s, don’t coddle.
  • Prepare by gradually adapting a mission schedule and doing daily planning.
  • Keep and enjoy traditions, especially around the holidays.
  • Forget yourself and focus on the needs of others. Work!
  • Parents, friends, and family should send monthly letters in the mail. (In addition to any weekly e-mail)
  • Record lessons learned, feelings, and stories in a journal.
  • Don’t worry about home and remember the Mission Office can be contacted in the event of emergencies.